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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why have a private tutor?

A. There are various reasons for hiring a tutor.

A student may be;

  • struggling in a subject, and too shy to ask questions in class.
  • simply wish to maximise their grade.
  • aiming to obtain at least a grade C GCSE to get on a specific course.
  • aiming to get the grades for their chosen university course.
  • wishing to maximise their chances of entering an institution which is heavily over subscribed. For example, Oxbridge, Imperial College, the American Universities. ( for example one of my students is due to start this autumn (2016) at Columbia University, New York, USA).

One of the usual side effects for a student who commits to the tuition is an increase in self confidence.

Q. What subjects do you tutor?

A. For the educational year 2016 -2017:
The rates below may be increased if the lesson is further
than 20 miles from Stafford.

One hour a week: £33
Two Hours a week: £60
Three or more hours a week: £27-50 per hour

Q. Where does the tuition take place?

A. At your home.



Q. What do you do with the students?

A. I first, by conversation and/or test, identify where the
student needs help. We then work together to improve
the student's skills: which usually engenders an increase
in confidence.
For more information on this topic please see the
"My Working Method" section on the "About Me" page.



Q. What is your teaching experience?

A. I taught the three sciences to GCSE level and Physics at
A level for 29 years in the classroom, ending my school
career as Head of Physics at Cardinal Griffin School in
Cannock. I have been acting as a private tutor in the
Stafford area for 19 years.



Q. What do you supply?

A. To get students started I supply a ring binder and, where
relevant, a Periodic Table and Formula Sheets. In the
binder there is also a small supply of lined paper and
graph paper.
I also supply all worksheets, exam papers etc.



Q. What do we have to do?

A. Please make sure that the student has a calculator,
revision guides, mathematical instruments, pencils, pens,
pencil sharpener, eraser etc.Please make sure that the student has all they need for the lesson at the start, so that time does not have to be wasted gathering things together.


Q. Do you set homework?

A. This is at the discretion of you and the student. I am
aware that a student may be over-burdened if I give
homework as well as the school. On the other hand,
some students welcome extra work.



Q. Do you tutor more than one student in the same lesson, for example siblings?
A. I don't do this, because from past experience I have
found that it does not work very well.



Q. How do you like to be paid?

A. Either cash or by cheque.

Q. Do you work in the school holidays?
A. I don't work in July or August. However, I work in all the other school holidays. The normal schedule is suspended in
the school holidays. Lessons can be arranged, but will
generally not be at the normal times and may be on
different days.

Q. Do you charge for cancelled lessons?
A. For an occasional lesson cancelled, no, I do not charge.
Most of the time I do not have many free 'slots' and
sometimes I have a waiting list. Therefore, If lessons are
cancelled frequently I would have to give preference to
someone who wants regular lessons.

Q. What days do you work?

A. I work Monday to Thursday and on Sunday. My days
off are Friday and Saturday.

Q. How often should lessons be?

A. The norm is one lesson per week. However, if the
student is being tutored in two or more subjects,
he or she may ask for two or more lessons per week.
Also, near the time of exams a student may ask for more

At the moment (April 2016) I have two students
who each have two lessons a week and one that has
three lessons a week.

Of course, the availability of extra lessons is subject to
me having time available in my schedule.



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