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CRB Check and Qualifications

Copies of my CRB check and my professional qualifications are available on request. Please contact me via the contact page.


Client Quotes

Unsolicited messages that I received after the release of the exam results in August 2019.





I tutored Nayantika for the three Sciences (mainly Physics and Chemistry); for each of which she achieved a grade nine.

Text message.
Hello, this is Nayantika. I wanted to let you know that I got a 9 in all 3 sciences. Thank you so much for all your help over the past year!!

I asked for permission to use the above text message. Nayantika's mother thought I was asking for a testimonial and Nayantika sent the email below.

Hi Mr Skoczylas,

Here is the feedback you requested and thank you once again for all your help over the last year.Mr Skoczylas is a brilliant tutor, who has helped me to obtain 9s across all my sciences, through tuition once every 2 weeks, explaining topics I struggled with, in a logical clear manner answering every question I had. Furthermore, Mr Skoczylas went above and beyond proving me with useful sheets that I could use for practise during revision. Overall I found him an incredibly helpful and patient tutor and I highly recommend him.

Kind regards,





First text message.

Hi Ron. It's Courtney Main's mum. Just texting to let you know all your hard work paid off. Courtney passed with grade 5. Can't thank you enough, she passed everything she went for.


Second text message

Thank you Ron. She is so pleased and grateful for your help. Yes of course you can use the text as I would highly recommend you.
(I tutored Courtney for maths. She was really struggling at first, but, through hard work she ended up with a 'strong C'.)

Text message.

Hi Ron. Shreiya got very good results. An 8 in Physics. Thank you so much for your effort. Really pleased for her. Got 4x9s, 3x8s and 3x7s. Regards, Suman.
(I tutored Shreiya for the 3 sciences; mainly physics.Shreiya, in her mocks, got a grade 4 in physics and a grade 6 in biology. She actually achieved grade 8 in both.)


Here are two unsolicited emails that I received after the release of the exam results in August 2018.


'I just got my grades from my A-levels and I got into Bath university! I got A* in Maths, A in Chemistry and an A in further Maths and an A* in my EPQ!! I just want to thank you so much for helping me all these years! You have definitely helped inspire me to pursue Mathematics. Thank you so much again.'
(Note from Ron Skoczylas: I tutored Henna and her older sister, Sarina, in maths and science, from year 7 through to year 13. Sarina is also studying Mathematics at university.)


'I just wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance throughout the year. I really appreciate it. All of the practice questions paid off and I managed to get a level 9 in physics!'

(In giving permission for me to use this email this student asked that her name be withheld.)

Here are some quotes from unsolicited emails;

Just a note to let you know that Molly got grade A(7) in her maths. I would like to thenk you for your excellent tuition and know that this enabled Molly to improve and achieve this grade.

Just wanted to let you know that I got A*AA so I will be going to the University of Leicester this September! I got an A in Maths, but I was really close to the A*! I got full marks in my Stats exam (100 UMS), and for Core 3 and Core 4 I neded an average of 90 UMS to get an A*, but got 87 and 91 UNS respectively. My maths teacher is going to request a remark for my Core 3 paper since I was only 1 mark off. Thanks for all your help these past 7 years.
(August 2015 - Sarina will start studying to be a doctor in September 2015)



I've gotten into Bath! I got A* in Maths and Chemistry and an A in Further Maths. Thank you so much for everything - I definitely couldn't have done it without you!


' I've just come back from collecting my results at school, and I wanted to tell you what I got in Science and Additional Maths. I've A* in all the science subjects and an A in Additional Maths. On top of that, I also got full marks in all my science exams! I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help, and I look forward to our lessons in a couple of weeks time. '


'Thanks again for your help with Jack. I'm sure that he went from E to A in a few months was without a shadow of a doubt down to your assistance and patience and as such would be delighted to appear as a referee.'

(Summer 2012, GCSE Physics, Mrs Symcox in the list of referees)


'I would like to thank you for all the time you spent with Sam for his A level Physics. His interest in the subject was regenerated and his confidence much improved as a direct result of your input. Without which I believe he would not have gained his first choice university place at Sheffield Hallam.'

(Summer 2012, A level Physics, Mrs Shirley in the list of referees)


'Thank you for all your help and guidance. I doubt this would have happened without your expertise.' Amy Leighton.
["this" is Amy passing her Quantitative Techniques examination at Aston University]


'Thank you very much for yesterday. Tom seemed to both enjoy the session and felt that he had learned something. He also said that "he knows his stuff and can explain things" - a massive compliment from an 18 year old!! We wish we had known about you when we unsuccessfully tried to arrange some AS Level Maths last year and at an earlier stage for Physics.'


'I think your website is excellent, really clear and well laid out.
We hope your tuition continues to flourish. Had we known that Deborah would have needed A2 Physics for her course we could have come to you!'


'I just thought I would send you an email to say thank you so much for the help you have given Simon to prepare him for the AS and A2 Physics exams over the past year. Without your expertise and guidance he would not have been able to exceed his target grades in the AS Physics exams he took in January. We now hope he will achieve the overall A level Physics grade he needs to be able to study Acoustics at Salford University this September, thanks to your thoroughness and patience.'

'Just to let you know that Simon did ok in his A levels, but was not accepted to study Acoustics at Salford. He gained a C for his Physics, C for Music Technology and D for Maths. His Physics teacher was very pleased with his result in Physics, so thank you for all your hard work. This time last year he got a U in AS Physics! He is applying through clearing for other courses and has been made 2 offers so far, one for Sound Recording and Design and one for Sports Science.'

'Just to update you,we have just come back from an Open Day at York St John University. It's a really lovely place right in the centre of York and the course in Sports Science sounds just what Simon wants. There is an emphasis on science and Simon thought the biomechanics modules would be particularly interesting. In the end he was made 4 offers, but decided on York in the end. It's been a mad couple of days, so thank goodness it's sorted.'



Mr and Mrs Tubbs daughter obtained an academic scholarship to Cheltenham Ladies College for entry in September 2009.
Their son took the mathematics scholarship paper for Rugby School and has gained entry for September 2010.

August 2014. Sarina achieved A grades, in AS Maths and Physics. August 2015. Sarina achieved an A grade in 'A' Level maths and is going to Leicester University to study medicine.

Summer 2014 Mr and Mrs Patel's son achieved the following grades at A level: A* Maths, A* Chemistry and A Further Maths.


August 2015. Mrs Allan-Smith's son achieved grades of AB in GCSE Double Science and grade A in GCSE Maths.


Summer 2017 was the first examination of the new GCSE mathematics specification. Molly achieved grade 7 (A) and Morgan achieved grade 8 (A*).

Emily who had failed Science twice (her grades were below C), and needed to pass for her chosen career, was jubilant that she achieved grade B.


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