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Useful Information

CRB Check and Qualifications

Copies of my CRB check and my professional qualifications are available on request. Please contact me via the contact page.


Examination Boards

*AQA. www.aqa.org.uk
*OCR. www.ocr.org.uk
*Edexcel. www.edexcel.com


The three sites above are useful for providing information about examination subjects and as a source of specifications, past papers and mark schemes. AQA seems to offer the most past papers for free download.


Graph Paper

If you need some graph paper you can print it off from:

* www.gcse.com/downloads.htm OR,

* www.mathsphere.co.uk/resources/


For plotting graphs I find the 2mm graph paper easiest to use. From this latter site, there are many types of graph paper to download; including the ’dotty’ isometric paper that is used sometimes in maths when drawing ’3D’ objects.


Times Tables


Online multiplication practice.


Practise times tables and a host of other mathematical topics to practise.


various games involving times tables. Some games involve two players competing.


In this site you can test your tables and do many other activities associated with maths.



Useful Websites

From the vast majority of these websites downloads are free or there are some free downloads and you have to subscribe to get access to all the downloads. Usually you have pay to subscribe, but sometimes you can register/subscribe for nothing.

Obviously I have not had time to explore all these sites, but I have looked at them all and thought that they had some merit. The sites that I have used myself and found useful are marked with a *.

Some websites appear more than once in the list. That is because they contain material suitable for more than one Key stage.


Key Stages 1-2 (Pre-Secondary School)

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11, GCSE)

Key Stage 5 (Years 12-13, AS, A2 Level)



Suitable for Key Stage


From here you can download maths targets for each year group from reception to year 6.


* www.cimtplymouth.ac.uk/projects/mep

An enormous amount of free mathematical material from primary to A level Mathematics.



Lots of free maths worksheets.



Lots of free resources covering a range of subjects.


* www.emaths.co.uk

From this site you can get free downloads of SAT test papers and mark schemes.



If you click on “Resources” you can get access to useful material across a range of subjects from Primary to Secondary level.



This site is really a search engine which will lead you onto maths and maths exam related web sites. You might find something useful, but you will not get there directly.



You have to register, but it is free. Lots of help and advice, plus free worksheets to down load across Maths, Science and English.


* www.luminosity.com/games/raindrops/raindrops

“raindrops” is a very good game, I have played it myself, where you compete against yourself to increase your score. Rain drops fall with a ‘sum’ inside them (e.g. 6x5, 16+7, 9-5, and division sums ). If you answer the sum correctly the rain drop bursts. You have to burst the rain drops before they hit the surface of the water. As you get more and more into the game the drops fall faster, and there are more of them. The game is over when three raindrops have hit the water.


* www.parentsintouch.co.uk

A subscription site, but good value, (about £15.00 for three years). Contains a wealth of worksheets and test material across a range of subjects from primary to GCSE. Some free sample downloads.



This site is basically a search engine that provides links to worksheet sites.


* www.mathsmadeeasy.co.uk

This site is trying to sell you material, but there are free papers to download for maths and science.



This is a useful site. You can use it to generate maths questions (and the answers if you want them) over a wide range of topics.


* www.geocities.com/mathematicsplus

A myriad of free maths worksheets.



On different parts of this site you will find information, games and puzzles to help you understand about atoms, elements and the periodic table.



A different part of the education.jlab site. This lets you take, online, practice tests in science, maths and technology. You can specify the length of the test.


* www.pixymaths.co.uk

This website claims to be; “the only GCSE maths revision website that provides FREE access to 3500 questions and answers”. Well worth a look at if you are revising GCSE maths.


* www.gcsemathspastpapers.com

Free IGCSE and GCSE maths paper are available from this web site.



A mix of free exam papers to download. GCSE science and maths. AS/A2 sciences as well.



This company is American, and, trying to sell you something. However, if you click on “Free Worksheets” there are plenty to download. This site is mainly useful for GCSE and A Level maths.



There are some free multiple choice tests for GCSE Science (AQA and OCR) that you can do online.



Online tests that you can do, testing GCSE, AS, A2 Physics and GCSE Chemistry.



Helps revision in Physics and maths plus a few other subjects . You can print off graph paper from this site.



A useful resource for chemistry revision, particularly for KS3, GCSE/IGCSE and A Level.



A useful resource for chemistry revision, particularly for GCSE.



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