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It is important that your Personal Statement is properly constructed. Therefore, an independent experienced review of your Personal Statement is invaluable.


UCAS, Your Personal Statement July 2013.

"Course tutors use personal statements to compare applicants, so try to make yours stand out."

In many cases, applicants are not interviewed, so this (the Personal Statement) may be your only chance to make the case for you to be offered a place."


Quotes from the Durham University Academic Office:

"The first thing you must remember is that your Personal Statement will probably be the only opportunity you get to 'talk' directly to the admissions tutor on the programme you want to study."

"If you do apply to a programme which invites candidates to interview, your Personal Statement may also form the basis of the interview."


The Service That I Provide:

Service A

A written report on your draft Personal Statement. The report will:

  • point out any errors in spelling or grammatical
  • comment on the overall construction of the report
  • comment on how the report might be viewed by an
    admissions tutor
  • flag up any statements that might cause difficulties
    in interview
  • suggest some questions that might be asked in interview based on the content of your statement
  • make suggestions as to what might be included and

I will then:

  • email or post the report to you within seven days of receiving your draft Personal Statement
  • send you a copy of my “Guide To Writing Your Personal Statement”

Additional Service B

You may consider it necessary to have your re-written draft reviewed. I will provide a written critique of your re-written draft and a telephone consultation.


What the service costs:

Service A: £35

Additional Service B: £15


What to do if you require this service:

Service A

Visit the personal information form page.

Then either:

  • save the personal information form to your computer, fill it in then email it to me as an attachment
  • print it off, fill it in and post it to me

Also send me your draft personal statement with a cheque or postal order for £35 made payable to J Skoczylas. When I return my report to you (by post or email depending on your preference) I will include my “Guide To Writing Your Personal Statement”.

If you would like to receive my “Guide To Writing Your Personal Statement” before you write your draft statement I will send you the Guide on receipt of the cheque/postal order for £35, and you can send me the draft when you have written it.

To contact me visit the Contact Me page on this site.

Please note that your details will be kept confidential and will not be passed on to any third party.


Additional Service B

Send me your re-written draft with a cheque for £15. I will return the written report within seven days of receipt.


What I will not do:

I will not write the report for you. It has to be your own work, having received appropriate advice. Please note that UCAS has computer programs to detect plagiarism (copying the work of others) in Personal Statements. If plagiarism is detected, all the universities to which you apply will be informed.


General guidelines before you start your first draft:

Allow several months to get the Personal Statement 'just right'. N.B. The deadline for some courses and universities is before the general deadline.

Have patience in doing your preliminary research into the courses and universities.

Gather information on what to put in your Personal Statement and how to write a good one. (send for my “Guide To Writing Your Personal Statement” via my contact page).


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