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Free Periodic Table Page

How to download your free periodic table:

Click on the image below to open a new window containing a large image of the table (file size about 3Mb). Save the image to your computer (right click, then 'save picture as' OR File, then save as). You can then print off the image onto its own A4 sheet of paper.


free Home Exam Tuition periodic table


Periodic Table Element Videos

To see some "wow factor" experiments with the elements in the periodic table click on the following link: http://www.periodicvideos,com.


Please Note:

Ron Skoczylas, the proprietor of Home Exam Tuition, is responsible for the content of the periodic table. Mark Adrian Williams, who built the Home Exam Tuition website, is responsible for the design.

Individuals and schools should feel free to download this periodic table for their own use. However, it must not be sold for profit or gain in any way.

I hope that you like this free gift. Please contact me to tell me what you think of the periodic table.


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